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Fingerprint Jewellery

Nothing is more unique than a fingerprint. We have some of the latest technology to allow us to scan and hold your loved ones fingerprint. This means that if you wish to have something personal to keep but not quite ready to look at the options, the fingerprint is ready when you are.

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Fingerprint Jewellery Pricelist

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Ashes into Glass

Beautifully created rings, necklaces, pandora beads and paperweights all holding a small amount of your loved ones ashes. An private and personal way to hold your loved one close to you. We have a special relationship with Ashes into Glass allowing us to offer a discount on all orders.

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Ashes in Flowers

Stunning glass flowers created by Mark Room from the heart of glass making in Stourbridge. The stem of the flower is designed to hold a small amount of your loved ones ashes and sealed. Each flower is handmade in your choice of colour.

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Ascension Flights

How to you celebrate the life of someone who is out of this world....by sending their ashes into space. Ascention Flights have a variety of packages helping to make this unique service affordable.

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Ashes to Heaven

Ashes to Heaven is a service provided by local firework company, G-Force Fireworks. They create personalised firework displays set to music incorporating your loved ones ashes into the fireworks.

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Ashes with Art

Ashes with Art personally create fused glass wall art incorporating your loved ones ashes. in a variety of sizes, colours and shapes they can produce a masterpiece to remember forever.

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