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The direct cremation funeral

Independent, qualified funeral directors based in Upton-upon-Severn and Pershore.

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The Direct Cremation Funeral

We are the lowest price, qualified funeral director offering a direct cremation service. Being based in Worcestershire means we are centrally located in the country to be able to offer this service nationwide without charging for mileage.

This type of service takes a variety of different names in the UK; direct cremation, cremation only, no fuss funeral. In essence it is the very straight forward cremation of a loved one without having a traditional funeral service. In recent years it has gained popularity throughout the country and no longer seen as a pauper's funeral but as a respectful way of following the wishes of someone who wanted 'no fuss'.

Although there is no 'traditional' type service, if family or friends would like a formal gathering we can give you ideas or help you to arrange a seperate memorial/celebration service. By allowing us to take care of the practicalities involved it can give you and your family the time you need to support each other and create your own personal goodbye.

We can also offer advice on the opportunities available for your loved ones ashes.

The Direct Cremation Funeral includes:

  • Bringing a loved one into our care from anywhere in England or Wales. (subject to GP’s permission and cremation certificates)
  • Advice and assistance to gain a death certificate or the Coroner’s procedures.
  • The arrangement, assistance and completion of all cremation paperwork.
  • A dignified coffin made from sustainable materials.
  • Use of our private chapel of rest.
  • The care of your loved one at our funeral home until the time of cremation.
  • Safe conveyance of your loved one to our local crematorium.
  • The collection and return of cremated remains to yourself.
  • Cremation fee for a non-attended cremation service at our local crematorium.

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The above cost does not include the completion of doctor's cremation certificates at a cost of £164. These certficates are not applicable if the death is under investigation by HM Coroner. Other direct cremation providers have a fixed fee including this however as not all funerals require this paperwork we find it unfair to charge everyone. For clarification on whether these certificates are needed please call us on 01386 552724 or 01684 594971.

Due to the doctor's paperwork needing to be completed by the last doctor who attended your loved one, he/she will need to be kept local to the doctor for them to be able to attend, examine and complete the necessary forms. If the death occurs in a hospital, this will be completed on-site. However, if the death has occurred at their home or nursing home we will arrange for a local funeral director to provide the initial care of your loved one. This would be an additional expense of approximately £250, dependent of the funeral director but we will try to keep the cost as minimal as possible for you.

A direct cremation funeral has limitations, so the following is not possible.

  • The choice of day or time of cremation.
  • Attendance by any family or friends. If you wish to attend the service please see our Direct Cremation Plus funeral package.
  • Bariatric persons may incur additional costs due to additional staffing needs and oversized coffins. If you could let us know on our initial conversation this would allow us to determined the additional costs.
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