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Committed to saving the bereaved money

4th September, 2019

Committed to saving the bereaved money

We are quite a new business, but in our short time of trading we have grown in size and experience. Having formed in early 2018, our main aim was to provide an alternative to the expensive Funeral Services available in Worcestershire towns. It’s timely that we set up Jackson Family Funeral Directors in the year that the average cost of a funeral increased to an all-time high of £4,271, which is mainly due to the average Funeral Director’s fee being £2595 (Sunlife’s cost of dying report 2018).

Shocked that the Funeral industry had so many hidden costs, we vowed to ensure that our costs were transparent from our inception. We also pledged to ensure that our services would be individual and that we would make the whole Funeral process as straight-forward as possible. Therefore, we’re pleased to confirm that during the first Financial Quarter of 2019 we have saved our customers £269,000 (compared to the average UK Funeral price), which is putting us on course to provide savings of over £1 million at the end of this financial year!

This signifies how far we have come, as we have saved our customers more in this first financial Quarter of 2019 than the whole of 2018 (which at savings of £192,000, certainly wasn’t a measly figure). We have been able to save customers money due to our range of services available. For example, our direct, no fuss cremation incurs professional fees of £350 only, which is a lot less than the average Funeral Director’s fee. We offer a range of coffins and caskets ranging from £125-£2000. Also, all other additional fees are listed and there is often more than 1 option available, so customers know exactly what their loved one’s personal Funeral Service will cost.

Arranging a Funeral service is often one of the most stressful and emotional undertakings that any of us will encounter. We hope that easing the financial burden of this, will go some way to making this a little bit more bearable and we hope to report back on even more savings next Quarter.

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